Realtime Giant Marksman Head (Collab with Bona)

This project is a collaboration with Gabriel Bona. We both worked on Modeling and Texturing. This is a Realtime ‘lowpoly’ cinematic model of around 470K, Aiming for Next Generation Graphics. Link to Bona's Artstation:
Post with Part 1/2:
Post with Props:
Post with Videos:
OccultArt (Stefan Berentzen):
Sculpting: Head, Body, Skin, Hair design
Modeling: Outfit/Clothes and Props (Highpoly)
Texturing: Outfit/Clothes and Props textures.
Lighting: Scene lighting
Bona Design (Gabriel Bona):
Modeling: Outfit/Clothes (Highpoly)
Lowpoly: Retopo + UV's + Baking
Lowpoly: Hair + Texturing
Texturing: Skin, Lantern, Etc.
Last Image: Complete Project History